The voter registration process has started for the Referendum that will take place in the Southern Region in 2 weeks’ time; Crop development wise picking is progressing at a slower pace than we had expected a few weeks ago, so far, less than 10% has been picked in Sidama region; in Limu 20-30% has already been picked which in line with our expectations. He price being paid in Limu is around 12 Birr. Weather is normal for this time of the year some rain and plenty of sunshine!

Prices being registered at NBE for Current Crop Naturals in differentials vs. Z Djimma 5 -22 and Lekempti 5 -19; new crop Washed Coffee differentials Limu 2 H+35 and Sidamo 2 a couple of pennies more.

by Charles Seara Cardoso

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