Next week we have the long-awaited Referendum that could see the Southern region divided into 2 smaller administrative regions; ongoing rains in the Southern region continues to delay the ripening of the Sidama crop; in Limu, the weather has been dry, the prevailing good conditions are aiding the picking and primary processing of the crop there. The price being paid in Limu is stable and unchanged to last week. Weather in the Sidama area needs to be monitored since the ongoing rains have delayed the ripening of cherries and could disrupt the processing of the crop. The fate of the ECX is again being discussed at the Government level, with reports that a decision will be made by the Prime Minister soon.

Continued sales activity Current Crop Naturals registered at NBE at attractive differentials either side of -20 FOB for D5 and L5 respectively; Exporters that have washing stations are also starting to offer new crop Washed Coffees at similar levels to current Colombia differentials.

by Charles Seara Cardoso

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