What We Do

1. Operations

Documentation, Logistics, Shipment, Warehousing

We have a very proficient team in Addis Ababa, in all operational matters regarding Ethiopian coffee trade: documentation compliance, logistics, quality control, supplier communication.

2. Finance

We purchase from our suppliers on an FOT Inland basis as well as FOB basis, this shorterns origin operators timelines between purchase and receipt of funds from sales.

Conversely, we offer our customers payment terms on a case by case basis. We have our own futures account and we do fixations against both New York Arabica Market and London Robusta Market.

3. Quality Control

We have an experienced quality control department and cuppers, both in Addis and in Lisbon, who know the coffee regions in Ethiopia, and Agronomists who work closely with Trade and Quality departments.

We have access to an ample sourcing pool in order to present alternative suppliers to ensure that our clients’ quality requirements are met.

4. Ethiopian Market Intelligence

Every year, we carry out a crop tour in Ethiopia at the onset of harvesting, after which we produce a full crop report on Ethiopian coffee.

In it we analyse production figures, prices, volumes, flows from origin to the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX), agronomy, weather, exports, and Ethiopian socio-economy. Additionally, we regularly update customers on the goings-on in all origins that we trade.

5. Sustainability

We are fully committed to Sustainability, and we are UTZ, RFA and Organic certified.

Therefore, we are able to source coffee that complies with the criteria set for these certifications.

We are very engaged in Ethiopia in terms of Agronomy, Quality at producer/processing station level, Social Projects, and Environment have been leading a custom-made Sustainability project for a European roaster in Djimmah Zone for the last 3 years, with positive impacts on the everyday life of local communities.