Increased volumes of New Crop are arriving at ECX and therefore most exporters have started offering New Crop for 2020 shipments onwards, Washed coffees are offered for February shipment onwards and Naturals for March onwards, however, we would have to add 1 month to that to be on the safe side! Prices at the ECX are reflected in our price indications below:

DJIMMAH 5-24-24
LEKEMPTI 5-20-20
DJIMMAH 4-13-13
LIMU 2N/A+25

The Birr that normally devaluates to the greenback at a fairly constant and steady pace has recently accelerated its devaluation having lost 4% in about 3 weeks:

Weather-wise rains have been less intense than in previous weeks in the Southern coffee-growing region, we continue to monitor the situation; for an explanation of what is going on in East Africa with the weather, the BBC is much better at this us… pls follow the link below:

by Charles Seara Cardoso

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