Last week we made the comment that volumes for sale at ECX were disappointing; below we the compare New Crop arrivals at ECX as of mid-December 2019 vs 2018:

Drilling into the arrivals 2019 vs 2018, the figure that jumps out is the big reduction in Washed Sidamo arriving at ECX, Limu coffees are actually up vs this time last year; Naturals are also down by nearly 50%; overall there is a sharp decrease. The reasons for this situation were highlighted last week.

Turning to Export Prices offered by shippers this week, these were all over the place! With prices offered for standard Sidamo 2 diverging by as much as 60 c/lb… this is a reflection of shippers positions, ECX replacement levels and cherry prices; there seems to be a serious concern about New Crop availability of Sidamo 2 and 4;

Weather continues favour crop development and drying, some washing stations in Sidamo will close next week, since cherry arrivals have started to dwindle in recent days .

Prices for cherry are still very firm in the Southern regions, washing stations are currently paying between 18 and 25 Birr/kg cherry in Sidama, Guji, and Yirgacheffe.

by Charles Seara Cardoso

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