The ongoing fighting in Northern Ethiopia between Ethiopia National Army and forces loyal to the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has reportedly resulted in many civilian casualties. Amnesty International is reporting that there has been a massacre in a Western town  of Tigray region carried out by forces loyal to the TPFL following a defeat by Government troops in a nearby area. The conflict is turning increasingly brutal as Government forces appear to be gaining the upper hand in the conflict. The TPLF has decreed that all Tigray people must join the forces that are loyal to the political party to fight against the National Army which has been mobilised to Tigray to remove the TPLF from power in the Northern region.

Focusing on coffee, below we compare the ECX sales Year to November 6th over 3 years The figures speak for themselves, overall the sales at ECX are down by 30% in 2020 vs 2019:

Furthermore Exports are also very disappointing, below we compare export figures over the last 3 years:

May           25,967               28,449           26,142
June           25,790               29,294           27,082
July           19,015               26,512           17,928
August           19,995               30,279           23,694
September           14,443               23,696           17,557
October                19,966           17,674
November                18,328           13,263
December                14,188           12,992
January                16,570           11,166
February                17,456           16,199
March                26,949           20,739
April                25,135           21,809
         105,210             276,821         226,245
Ethiopia Green Coffee Exports (MT)

Birr 37.75 = USD 1

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