Entries by Charles Seara Cardoso

Trading activity is slowing down

All Prices offered by shippers have soared in recent weeks and continue to do so. It seems that exporters are happy to slow down their selling activity and focus on milling and shipping. Volumes available internally are down as a consequence of past high activity and the current wet weather which is slowing down the […]

Exports explode in June

Once again shipments are up. As the graph below clearly shows, Ethiopian shippers are rushing to get the crop on vessels; No doubt that some urgency is due to the elections held last month, however I feel that the last few weeks NY price action allowed for lots of business to be concluded and even […]

Election week

All So this was the long awaited Election week. Monday was a holiday for the poll to take place and after a long day of voting, with many polling stations having stayed open into the night to allow for all voters to cast their ballot, Tuesday normal life returned to Addis. Many locations, deemed unsafe, […]

The week before Elections

All So next Monday is election day in Ethiopia; it has been a long-time in coming, originally meant for mid 2020, the ballot was postponed more than once. For more background on this major political event please follow the link: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-57102189 Shippers stopped loading export containers from Wednesday onwards to avoid having cargo in transit […]

May exports, a new record!

All For the 3rd month in a row shipments hit a new record, last May exports reached over 32 k MT a record for the month of May and indeed the highest monthly exports figure ever! Some Ethiopian insiders believe that these high Export figures are due to the upcoming ballot (June 21st), no doubt […]

Shippers focus on shipping

All Logistics continue to be a struggle but we better get used to it because there is no end in sight! The local currency is devaluing as we expect however the pace has accelerated in the last couple of months bringing with it fears of basic goods price hikes in the near term: The recent […]

It´s all a bit of a mess!

All Another holiday in Ethiopia today, slowing things down when we need them to pick up! Offers from shippers have all but dried up; As NY continues it’s drive upwards, Agrabes are getting emboldened and only release upcountry stocks at ever increasing prices. Offers at ECX are down to a trickle. Up country prices have […]

Elections postponed

All Ethiopian Electoral Board announced a postponement of the ballot originally being held on June 5th. No new date has been given since the oficial issues behind this decision, slow voter registration, delays in training polling station staff and supply of ballot papers have not been overcome! The extreme insecurity in different parts of the […]