Entries by Charles Seara Cardoso

Export figures get a boost!

All We have finally started to see the increased crop be reflected in Export volumes; March 21 exports exceed March 20 by 700 MT and reverse the picture of the past 10 months, where the monthly exports fell short of the corresponding month of the year before. We now expect this trend to continue in […]

Focus on Forex

All With so much talk this week on forex rates of the currencies of the world’s largest Producer and Consumer countries and how these affect coffee prices, it might be a welcome distraction to look at how the birr has been behaving in the last few months. No surprises, the birr has steadily devalued 30% […]

Logistics under pressure

We mentioned last week that container availability in Addis was a concern, disrupting planned shipments. This week, most of us have seen pictures of a huge 400 metre long container vessel stuck across the Suez Canal this week, blocking vessels from entering (in case you haven’t below is what it looks like). Shipping lines have […]

February shipments still very low

All The Government remains concerned about the slow pace of exports; the export figures for February, continue to perpetuate the slow-paced trend of the last 8 months and confirm the lower production in 2019/20. The higher crop figure 2020/21 still not being translated into higher exports. For now we remain at 75% of the previous […]

Quieter week

All All in all a quieter week on the coffee trading front. Shippers are focusing on executing their increasing commitments. Higher Minimum Registration Prices and a decreasing terminal market in NY taking the wind out of “selling” sails! New crop quality is generally good. In the South we are expecting a higher proportion of Naturals […]

Busy week!

All The recent upwards swing in NY has allowed for much selling activity in Addis. It started last week and really took off this week! Some shippers are now well sold and not so eager to offer. We expect that Minimum Registration Prices for Naturals to increase over the weekend. It would seem that we […]


It happens every few years, in adverse conditions, some shippers get it wrong and struggle to stay afloat in a sea of adversity! In 2020 internal and external factors, some coffee related and others not, some new and some never experienced before, combined, resulting in some of the top shippers in Ethiopia struggling to cope. […]