Entries by Charles Seara Cardoso

Inflation higher but under control

The Coffee & Tea Authority has started registrations for New Crop 23/24 at prices that have substantial premiums to current 22/23 crop Minimum Registration Prices. Grade 2 23/24 premiums over current crop at between 20 and 25 usc/lb, whereas Grade 5 premiums are a more modest 10 usc/lb. However, given fledgling NY terminal market prices, […]

Strong shipments in October

Exports for October topped 20 K MT; Shippers started “throwing in the towel” under pressure from Coffee & Tea Authority penalties, seeing the New Crop on the trees ready to be picked and steady prices. November shipments should continue this recent improved performance aided by the recent buoyant NY terminal market which as come just […]

Harvest progresses smoothly

Cherry prices have increased a tad this week, we have heard that agrabis are paying up to 30 Birr per kg of cherry. This price remains still well below last year’s cherry prices which reached 3 times as much. Weather continues favourable for harvesting. Benchi Maji has seen some rain but this is not affecting […]

Inflation continues on a downward trend

This week’s rally in NY helped a little business get concluded. However Minimum Registration Prices continue to limit business, additionally demand is muted, normally a 15 cent rally would induce a few contracts getting signed off, alas not this week. Meanwhile focus is increasingly turning to the new crop which continues to come off the […]

Average August Shipments

Shipments for August reached 26 k MT, which is the average for the last 5 years. However the 6 month exports March to September 2023 is still 19 K MT below the period’s average of 161,743 MT. We are now half way between the shipment period February to March, and it looks like we are […]

Inflation lower

Retail Fuel prices were increased from 69 Birr/L to 75 Birr/L, a 12% increase in the price. However, inflation is at its lowest in 2 years and trending lower: For the past 2 months inflation has been below 30% p.a. which we have not seen for 2 years and has been decreasing for 4 months […]