Entries by Charles Seara Cardoso

In between crops

The period March to September was frenetic with huge shipments, many logistical challenges and mired with the pitfalls of trading in a rising market. The waters are much calmer now, with little to offer shippers are focusing on readying the most recent sales and laying the ground for the upcoming crop. There is much to […]

Shipment pace slows down in September

All It seems that the new Government in Ethiopia has as a priority to deal with the crisis in Tigray, launching a large scale military offensive this week. For the BBC’s take on the issue please follow the link: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-58869970 Meanwhile the September Export numbers show a decline in shipments vs August, as expected, and […]

New crop is just around the corner

Stakeholders’ focus is turning towards the imminent new crop which is just around the corner, all coffee growing regions are expected to start harvesting in October. The crop in the South is looking very good, particularly in the higher growing areas, where farmers are expecting an improved crop viz-a-viz the 2020 crop. It all bodes […]

Focus on Inflation

We mentioned a couple of weeks ago that inflation has taken off in Ethiopia, this week we are looking at this in a little more detail. Having hovered between 18 and 20% over the previous 12 months, in June inflation started to accelerate to reach over 30% in August, the highest inflation rate in over […]

More on economic policy

In a bid to tackle recent food inflation, the Government has waivered all import duties on wheat, sugar and edible oils. This is step in the right direction in addressing the people’s main concern in recent months, soaring prices for basic food stuffs. Furthermore, the National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) has just done a u-turn […]