Entries by Charles Seara Cardoso

Minimum Registration Prices start to crack

Faced with very few export registrations, pressure from Government and shippers (holding unsaleable stagnant old crop stocks), the Coffee & Tea Authority (C&TA) finally relented and reduced substantially Minimum Registration Prices for past crop coffee. Will these reduced prices allow for the these stocks to finally get shipped? We shall see. New Crop prices remain […]

Focus on economic indicators

This week the Prime Minister appointed a new Governor for the Central Bank, we look at a couple of rates that are of particular concern for Ethiopian Coffee Stakeholders and the Government. Much of our trading activity in Ethiopian coffee is directly influenced by 2 factors, Inflation and Forex rates. This week’s commentary will focus […]

Exports for December slump

As expected shipments in December tumbled (we were expecting this, so much so, that I had already decided on the headline for this post before I was informed of the figure); pressure has been mounting on shippers to export over the past few weeks, the Coffee and Tea Authority (C&TA) has seen export registrations stop […]

Slow start to the Year

The Coffee and Tea Authority (C&TA) is concerned about slow registrations and reduced exports. The C&TA has been pressuring shippers to sell and ship, particularly old crop stocks. Minimum registration prices for New Crop continue at very elevated levels: Yirgacheffe 2 301 c/lb Sidamo 2 292 c/lb Limu 2 233 c/lb Sidamo 4 189 c/lb […]

Djimmah harvest update

Following our trip to the Southern coffee producing regions of the country last week, this week we travelled to Djimmah to asses the harvest there. The picture in Djimmah is very similar to the South, washing stations working under capacity or simply closed. Production is generally good but the proportion of the crop that is […]

October exports buck the trend

Since March, 2022 monthly shipments have been below 2021 monthly exports, however for October shipments in 2022 were higher (just!) than in 2021. It’s a blip, there is very little coffee around and despite the total collapse in NY over the last few weeks shippers are struggling to deliver on Grade 5 sales made a […]

Harvest is not going so smoothly

Out in the coffee growing areas many washing stations remain closed or only operate a few days a week. There is little cash to buy red cherries and prices are between 40 and 60 birr/kg of cherry at farm gate level. Farmers themselves are only selling small quantities of fresh cherries, larger quantities of cherries […]