With the crop coming off trees in ernest, old crop is moving out of shippers warehouses and on to vessels at a steady pace and with an increased sense of urgency. Of course the recent upward movement in NY has also helped selling. We expect that November shipments will be steady following on from October exports which were an improvement on previous months’ shipments.

The harvest is approaching it’s peak now, all coffee growing regions are harvesting and so far we have no quality concerns. There is less cash in the field for cherry buying than in previous years which will limit the proportion of Washed Coffee, however the price remains well below last year’s price so export prices will not be under the same pressure as last season. In guji prices are now between 35 and 40 Birr/kg Cherry.

Weather continues favourable for ripening of the crop with intermittent wet and dry periods.

The BBC has report on a cholera outbreak in the east of the country following floods: https://www.bbc.com/news/world/africa?ns_mchannel=social&ns_source=twitter&ns_campaign=bbc_live&ns_linkname=656862cb6868a4009ac43095%26Ethiopia%20cholera%20outbreak%20kills%2023%262023-11-30T10%3A56%3A13.317Z&ns_fee=0&pinned_post_locator=urn:asset:3aad4f18-02eb-45a8-adc1-0cc91a6b9f1f&pinned_post_asset_id=656862cb6868a4009ac43095&pinned_post_type=share

Birr 55.70 = USD 1

Have a good weekend!

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