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Some tensions ease, others not so much

All The Coffee and Tea Authority is continuing with their ECX Maximum price policy, however price limits have been increased so there is less tension between collectors (Agrabes) and the C&TA. Export Registrations of Washed Coffee are very disappointing so the pressure is on for the C&TA to reduce minimum registration prices for grade 2 […]

Maximum ECX Prices

All In early 2020 the Coffee and Tea Authority introduced Minimum Registration Prices for export coffee, now we have Maximum Sales Prices at ECX! Consequently Agrabes stopped selling coffee at ECX! It is easy to understand why, one day you are selling at 1,900 and the next the price is capped at 1,300! In recent […]

Not much coffee around

All Ongoing limited supply to ECX with Djimmah 5 trading at around 175 c/lb FOB equivalent; FOB buyers are bidding around 95 c/lb and the local market is paying 350 c/lb, so it is no surprise that shippers do not have anything to sell and that coffee is not arriving at ECX warehouses. Any coffee […]

Fighting in the North continues

All Government forces appear to control most of Tigray region and are poised to take the regional capital having surrounded it this week. All attempts at mediations by African leaders have been rejected by the Central Government that feel they have the upper hand and can resolve this rebellion my military force alone. Tigray leaders […]

Picking and processing ongoing

All Buying of cherries is ongoing in all coffee growing regions of Ethiopia. A little alarmingly prices for kg of cherry are between 20 and 25 Birr per kg cherry depending on the region; at current terminal levels differentials would start at + 3 digits… Demand for Naturals at ECX continues to outstrip supply; one […]