The focus this week has been on securing containers and slots on vessels to ship coffee. The logistics situation yo-yo’s from just about bearable to big delays. At present it is taking 2 weeks to secure an empty container for stuffing. Slots on vessels are also difficult to come by, we never know on which vessels our coffees will ship!

In a bid to reduce dependency on imported Grain the Government has announced a plan to increase production of wheat to 2.4 M MT. 2021 Production was 1.4 M MT so this is an ambitious plan and it’s achievability was greeted with some scepticism by the US Dpt for Agriculture. Currently Ethiopia imports well over 1 M MT of grain with Ukraine wheat representing 27% of those imports; (Russia 15%).

Insecurity is ongoing in Amhara region (North of Addis Ababa), please follow the link for the BBC’s report:

The insecurity in some areas North of Addis has stopped the normal flow of coffee from some growing areas North of Addis (Wellega) so arrivals in Addis of Lekempti and Limu coffees have slowed in the past few days. We expect the flow to normalise as the army regains the upper hand in Amhara region.

On a more positive note, earlier this week the government announced a negotiating team in a bid to end the war in Tigray. We hope for a speedy negotiated settlement to the conflict.

Birr 52.00 = USD 1

Have a great weekend.

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