Coffee shipments from Ethiopia were up once again in August after a strong July. August, which normally marks the start in a decline in shipment pace recorded shipments of over 32 K MT. This is the 3rd month in the last six to record shipments above 500 k bags. Shipments March to August topped 190 K MT, 50 K MT more than the same period in 2021. This is a remarkable performance considering that the logistics are so difficult at present, causing delays. September should also record a good export performance since there are so many penned up shipments that have spilled over from August to September.

Offers continue to pop up from small (sometimes unheard of before) shippers. Larger offers are difficult to come by. Shippers that have stock are being more realistic about price expectations allowing for more trading to take place.

On a lighter note, Ethiopia celebrated the New Year this week. For more on this and other Ethiopian peculiarities pls follow the link:

Birr 45.87 = USD 1

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