We have received some data regarding shipments for the 10 month period up to the beginning of May 2020, which makes for interesting reading. Total exports reached 219 K MT (173 K MT same period 18/19) so 27% up on the previous year. If shipments continue at this pace in May and June, the 12 month period will be the highest export figure for Ethiopia ever and will surely exceed 4 M bags. We do not have the split between crops but the majority of these exports will be from the 18/19 crop rather than the current crop. Although the pace of sales at ECX has picked up a little during the month of May particularly for Lekempti, ECX sales remain very much behind the pace of sales of last year as in evident below tables that show ECX sales as of 29th May for 2020, 2019 and 2018:

Washed Coffee

19-20 CHANGE
MT @ 29 MAY201820192020MT%
LIMU/OTHER WASHED               15,850                11,812                14,313         2,50121%
YIRGACHEFFE                 4,112                  4,821                  2,652–       2,169-45%
SIDAMO/GUJI               16,794                16,528                  6,961–       9,567-58%
Total Washed               36,756                33,161                23,926–       9,235-28%

Natural Coffee

19-20 CHANGE
MT @ 29 MAY201820192020MT%
SIDAMO               10,146                13,893                  5,913–       7,980-57%
LEKEMPTI               23,338                23,836                20,462–       3,374-14%
DJIMMAH               26,710                18,909                23,786         4,87726%
OTHER NATURAL               25,639                26,466                24,053–       2,413-9%
Total Natural               85,833                83,104                74,214–       8,890-11%

We expect that the crop is lower in the Southern Region and these ECX figures reflect that, however, we also believe that a much larger proportion of the crop from this region has been bought through vertical integration so will get exported having by-passed the Exchange.

Birr 34.24 to the USD

by Charles Seara Cardoso

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